These 2 mistakes make boys at the age of 32 years old, 80% of people make the second mistake

Every person wants to be healthy, feet and young. But the wrong lifestyle of today, wrong eating and some wrong habits of daily life are not making the young people of old age. Most of today’s youth are addicted to drugs. Regardless of intoxication, it is harmful for our body. Today, we will tell you about two such things that when intoxicated, youth become old at a young age. Let’s know. These 2 mistakes make boys at the age of 32 years old, the second mistake most people make.

1. Drinking Alcohol
Most of the young people nowadays consume alcohol. Once you become addicted to alcohol, it becomes very difficult to quit. Drinking a lot of alcohol leads to diseases related to the lungs and kidneys. This makes the body very weak at an early age. And begins to appear old.

2. Tobacco Consumption
Currently, about 80% of young people in India consume tobacco. And nowadays even 10 year olds have started consuming tobacco. Consuming tobacco is very harmful for the body. Constant consumption of tobacco makes the body weak and weak at an early age. And many serious diseases arise in the body.

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