These 3 dirty habits that make the mind weak in every other human being, leave it as soon as possible

The brain is the most important part of human body. The person whose mind becomes weak. He cannot understand anything. Today’s youth make some such mistakes every day. Due to which his mind goes on becoming very weak. So today we are going to tell you about 3 such mistakes. Which makes the brain extremely weak.
(1) Taking less sleep
People who stay awake for long hours in the night time. And slowly it becomes their habit. Which makes such people less sleepy. It affects their mind and eyes. Because of which, his brain’s ability to remember gradually decreases.

(2) smoking
Smoking proves very harmful for health. If you smoke too. So it affects your mind. Because of this, your ability to understand thinking is greatly reduced. Therefore, smoking should always be avoided.
(3) tension
A person who is under stress all the time. Blood is not properly communicated in the mind of such a person. And at the same time the cerebrum of his brain also becomes weak. Because of which his brain slowly starts becoming very weak.

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