These 5 diseases are eradicated from the root by eating one bud of garlic on an empty stomach every morning.

Garlic is found in everyone’s home and you must have used garlic while making vegetables. In Ayurveda, garlic is considered a good medicine and it gives many benefits to your body. Today we will tell you about the benefits of consuming garlic.

Here are 5 major benefits of garlic
1. If there is any bone or joint pain in your body, then you must boil garlic bud and raw turmeric in mustard oil and then massage on the affected area with this oil. You will get rest soon.
2. If you eat a bud of garlic on an empty stomach every morning and drink lukewarm water on top of it, then you get rid of all digestive diseases.
3. Garlic is of warm nature and regular intake of it removes your physical weakness and increases your strength.
4. If you eat garlic bud on an empty stomach every day, then your immunity increases.
5. Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties are found in garlic. So by consuming garlic, your body is not at risk of infection and diseases.

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