These 5 diseases will end, just start consuming this thing everyday

Salt is such a thing, without which we cannot even imagine food, but the white salt commonly used in homes is very harmful, instead of this if you start eating rock salt regularly. It will be very beneficial for your health and it will also give relief in these 5 diseases.

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1- High blood pressure
Rock salt should be eaten in place of ordinary salt in case of high BP, rock salt controls high blood pressure.

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2- muscle pain
If someone has pain or cramp in hands, feet or muscle pens, then all types of body pens begin to be removed with regular intake of rock salt.
3- Asthma
Those who have an asthma problem should also take rock salt in their diet, it has the ability to keep diseases like asthma away.

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4- sinus
In case of sinus, simple salt should be removed from the food, instead of this, using rock salt everyday is beneficial.
5- kidney stone
Taking rock salt regularly is beneficial even if there is a problem of kidney stone.

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