These are the 7 major foods filled with vitamin C, go for amla and orange

Health Tips Top Foods High in Vitamin C and Why the Nutrient Is So Critical

Vitamin C is very important in keeping your body disease free and energetic. It helps in strengthening your immunity. Vitamin C is useful in many types of chemical activities in your body, such as sending messages to nerves or increasing energy to cells. Vitamin C is very important for the body’s functions, so today we are going to tell you about foods rich in vitamin C.

Eat amla
It is an excellent source of Vitamin C. Its effect is very cold. A cup of fresh gooseberry contains 41.5 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C is needed for the absorption of iron in your body. Apart from this, vitamin C is also required to maintain healthy bones, muscles, cartilage and blood vessels.

Eat orange
Orange is rich in vitamin C and fiber, which are very beneficial for the body. The oranges are full of antioxidants which help in destroying the effects of cancer. Apart from this, it also removes indigestion, joint pain and stomach gas problem.

Eat grapes
Grape is found in plenty of calories, fiber and vitamin C, E and K. Grape is a fruit which is helpful in increasing your health and lifespan. Grapes are beneficial in ending diseases like TB, cancer, blood disorders and pariah.

Eat capsicum
Vitamin C is also found in plenty in capsicum. It reduces the possibility of serious diseases in your body and plays the role of anti-oxidant. Vitamin C helps in brain functions and also removes stratus. Apart from this, it also reduces cholesterol.

Eat raisins
Munkake is rich in vitamin C. It helps in the absorption of mineral and also provides nutrition to the body. Apart from this, it is also helpful in maintaining the natural color of your hair. The antioxidant called polyphenolic fatutrients is helpful in strengthening your eyesight.

Eat raw banana
Raw bananas can complete vitamin C deficiency in your body. Vitamin C plays a very important role in keeping your body healthy. Vitamin C acts as an anti-oxidant which helps protect you from skin infections as well as fight many diseases. Due to its deficiency in the body, there is a risk of scurvy, anemia, gum problems and many heart related diseases.

Eat spinach
Spinach is rich in vitamins A and C, fiber, folic acid and magnesium which help you in fighting cancer. The beta carotene and vitamin C present in it prevents damage to your DNA. Consumption of this medicine also reduces the possibility of joint diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis.

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