These home remedies are effective in every tooth problem, know

Teeth Care These home remedies are effective in all teeth problems know

Often people are heard complaining that despite the use of expensive toothpaste, teeth do not show whiteness and shine. In such a situation, easy home care for teeth care can be very favorable. Whether to clean teeth or increase shine or to remove odor, simple and indigenous tricks are present for teeth. These tricks will prove beneficial for teeth and gums.

1- To make the teeth shiny, take one spoon of eating soda, one spoon of finely salt and powdered icing in a bottle. Clean your teeth with it.

2- Make a paste by mixing lemon juice in a little baking soda and apply it well on the teeth with the help of a brush. Before that, clean the teeth by rubbing them with tissue paper.

3- Mixing salt in mustard oil and using it in the morning and evening provides relief in bleeding from teeth, gums and toothache. Apart from this, the teeth are also shiny and strong.

4- In the morning, before brushing your teeth, put one spoon of coconut oil in the mouth and rotate it very well around the teeth and leave oil on the teeth for 15 minutes. Then rinse well with lukewarm water. In this way, two to three times a week the teeth will become clean and white.

5- After brushing in the morning, add equal amount of water in apple vinegar and rinse, the smell of teeth ends in minutes. Do not use vinegar more than twice a week.

6- Finely grind the bay leaves with dried orange peel. Now clean the tooth with the help of that powder. Household tooth powder is extremely suitable for teeth.

7- Mix one spoon of turmeric and 2-3 spoon of mint oil in one spoon of coconut oil. Now use that mixture as a normal toothpaste. It also returns whiteness with the care of household teeth.

8- Rub on fresh aloe vera juice or gel prepared from it. Then massage and rinse with a brush. You can repeat this work even after brushing. In a few weeks, the smile on your face will be decorated with white flaring teeth.

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