These people should not eat brinjal, otherwise it can become poison for health

Brinjal which is easily available in every season. The magnesium phosphorus calcium antioxidants present in brinjal and many other types of vitamins sodium copper potassium zinc magnesia are very beneficial for our health.

Consuming brinjal is beneficial for our health in many ways, but sometimes it becomes harmful for our health. Especially those who have an anemia problem should avoid eating brinjal, they should keep away from eating brinjal, along with that women should not consume brinjal during menstruation or else it can cause lack of blood in the body Can be made.

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids problem then brinjal is like poison for you or if you have problem of hemorrhage, then eating brinjals can make distances, otherwise it can prove to be poison for your health.

For your information, let us know that brinjal contains an element called Nenu Seen which hinders the formation of our blood vessels, so pregnant women should not consume brinjal as it can prove harmful for their baby. .

If anyone has stone problems, they should stay away from brinjal, in fact, oak gelate is found in brinjal which can exacerbate kidney stone problems, whereas oxalate also has adverse effect on calcium absorption in the body due to which The bones and teeth of the body become weak.

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