This drink made of jaggery and turmeric will boost your immunity

To protect themselves from the corona virus, people are not only taking full care of their safety while getting out of the house but also boosting their immunity by drinking decoction. The special thing is that these Ayurvedic decoction proved to be effective in protecting people from the grip of corona to a large extent. Today we will tell you to make another decoction which is not only tasty to drink but it will also boost your immunity and will keep you from getting caught in the corona.

Essentials to make healthy immunity booster drink


Green cardamom 2-3

A pinch of turmeric powder
Jaggery as per taste
a glass of milk
Almonds 2-3


Method of preparation- First of all take a pan and put a glass of milk in it. When the milk becomes slightly warm, add 2 green cardamoms to it. After this, you add jaggery to the milk. You have to break jaggery in milk. So add jaggery to the milk according to the amount of sweet milk you want to drink. After adding jaggery, stir it with a spoon. Keep in mind that keep the flame low.

Have become corona victims, do not be negligent at all, take these precautions to avoid getting caught again.

After adding milk in the pan, make sure that the heat is not high. Also keep stirring the milk. Failure to do so may cause milk to burst. In fact, a very small amount of salt and a special spice is used in jaggery due to which milk can burst.

When you keep stirring the milk continuously with a spoon, the jaggery pieces will dissolve well in the milk. As soon as the jaggery dissolves in the milk, add two pinch turmeric powder to it. Stir the milk with a spoon for about a minute and cook on low heat.

After this, turn off the gas and put the milk in a glass. Now chop fine almonds from the top. Drink this milk daily at bedtime. This will not only make you feel good in taste but will also keep you from getting hit by corona by boosting your immunity.

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