This is India’s deadliest weapon, can fire 12 rockets in just 44 seconds

Today, India has such deadly weapons. Due to which the air of India’s enemies gets tight. According to a report, the Pinaka multi-barrel rocket in the Indian Army is a deadly weapon that fired 12 rockets in 44 seconds.

According to a report, India is making more quantity of Pinaka multi-barrel rocket to secure its country’s borders. Designed by DRDO’s Armament Research and Development Establishment, these rockets can destroy 60 kilometers of their enemies in just a few seconds.

The biggest strength of this rocket system is that it is capable of firing twelve rockets in 44 seconds. It is considered the world’s deadliest and modern weapon in the circumstances of war. It is impossible for enemies to escape from this dangerous weapon.

Experts say that in the event of war, Pinaka will penetrate the enemy’s bunkers in minutes. Its strength is so tremendous that these three square kilometers can simultaneously destroy many enemy bases. Recently India has also deployed it on the border with China.

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