This leaf has amazing benefits, it is a boon for constipation, asthma and teeth

Today we are going to talk about the amazing benefits from peepal leaves, peepal leaf has many health benefits, which you may not have heard before, peepal tree is considered a very good source of oxygen, in it Many nutrients present make this tree a medicinal tree.

According to Ayurveda, every part of the peepal tree is full of medicinal properties like leaves, bark, seeds, fruits, it cures many diseases, let’s know about the benefits from the peepal leaves.
Benefits of Peepal Leaves
In asthma
Peepal leaves are considered as a boon for asthma, for this, wash a few leaves of peepal properly and add a cup of boiling milk, then after cooling, add a little sugar and eat it, it gives relief in asthma as well. Fever and cold are also cured.

For eyes
Peepal leaf is also beneficial for eyes, milk of peepal leaf is used in eye pain.
For teeth
Peepal is also very beneficial for teeth, for this, take a small stick from the peepal tree and brush it by brushing it to get rid of all the problems of teeth.

In constipation problem
Grind equal quantity of powder of fennel leaves and fennel and take it with milk and jaggery, the problem of constipation goes away.

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