This miraculous plant melts the kidney stone like wax and removes it, know the method of use

Many people are suffering from stone problem today. In stone problem, most people get the operation done and the doctor cuts out the part where there is stone. Today I am writing this post thinking very thoughtfully and this post is going to be a boon for poor people. In this post, I am going to tell about a plant whose intake of the right amount will give relief to both kidney stones or gall bladder. This plant will melt the stone like wax and remove it. Yes friends, the name of that plant is stonewall. Stones are a type of weed but are full of medicinal properties.

The method of stone intake for kidney stones

For how much stone you have to take three fresh leaves of stoneware and grind it to make a sauce and take this sauce on an empty stomach in the morning and an hour before eating in the evening. By doing this regularly for a few days, kidney stones melt like wax and come out with urine.
The method of stone intake for gallstones

Gallstones do not come out so easily. For this, take out the juice of three stone leaves and mix one teaspoon of honey and pure shilajit equal to the spice in matchstick, and drink it in the morning. Gall bladder is removed by this method.

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