This missile test made India a superpower, China-Pakistan far behind

In present times, India is continuously increasing its forces. Due to which the problems of India’s enemies are increasing and the enemies of India are worried and restless. According to a report, India has made a big leap in the field of hypersonic missile technology.

According to the news, India successfully tested the Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle (HSTDV) a few days ago. This missile test has brought India on par with the US and Russia. This has led to a tremendous increase in India’s strength.

After this hypersonic technology test, India has become the fourth country after America, Russia and China to develop its own hypersonic technology and has also successfully tested it. With this power of India, India’s enemies have come under tension.

Experts say that after acquiring this technology, the Indian Navy will now be able to fire missiles at a speed of 6 times over the warships of China and Pakistan. India has become even more powerful with this missile test.

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