This thing can make lean thin body fat and strong by removing weakness

To make this recipe you will need three things. For this, first you take a glass of milk, after that you have to take about 4 almonds. And you put it in milk, after that you have to take three apricots.

Apricots will be found in the market where you buy dry fruit. And you also put it in milk. And at least 3 to 4 hours later when the almonds will flower. So remove the badam and take out the skin. Because eating almond with peel can cause constipation problem.

Method of use
Now chew the apricots and almonds with milk and chew them. And drink milk from above, you must use this recipe once a day. And these three things will benefit you very much. By using this prescription regularly for a month, you will feel the difference on your body.

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