This treatment will eliminate chronic eczema, try once

Eczema is a disease in which light or dark spots appear on the skin of the body when it is red or old. There is also a lot of itching in these spots and spots. Sometimes there may be blisters on the skin. The term “eczema” is also used specifically to express the condition of atopic dermatitis. “Atopic” is associated with allergies. Therefore, itching, red skin and rash often occur in people with eczema, as well as allergic or asthma disease. Eczema is not easy to cure. If it is not treated properly, it spreads rapidly in the body. Today I am going to tell you a treatment to end eczema, which can be eradicated in some time. Let’s know about that treatment.

Treatment of eczema
For this, you have to take 20 grams Neem bark, 20 grams Peepal bark, 10 grams Naushadar, 20 grams castor oil, 2 Madar leaves and 10 grams Acacia bark. Dry all these ingredients in the sun and grind all the things except castor oil. After this, mix this mixture in castor oil and make a paste. If castor oil is less then add some more oil in it.

Now fill this paste in an open mouth bottle and keep it in the sun for 10 days. After this, apply the remaining one on eczema daily in the evening. By doing this, the chronic eczema ends in a month. Keep in mind that no soap of any kind should be used in the place of eczema.

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