Threat to an elder’s son and daughter-in-law, if they have children, he will evict them from his property, know what is the whole matter

Conversations with my grandfather, Mulkh Raj from Kasur

A grandson is more loving than a son. But in Madhya Pradesh’s capital Bhopal, there is a person who does not want to be a grandfather. He has threatened his son and daughter-in-law that if they have children, he will evict them from his property. Even after seven years of marriage, the unhappy daughter-in-law tired of not getting the child’s happiness has reached Kutumb court. He has requested that his father-in-law be explained. However, the father-in-law was not considered even after six counseling. It is now ready to call him for the next counseling.

This is a strange case of the family of a retired Bhopal official. In the early years of marriage, the daughter-in-law tried to convince her father-in-law and husband, but the matter was not resolved. Troubled by the social and family taunts, daughter-in-law finally applied to the Kutumb Court in September 2020.

He spoke to counselor Sarita Rajani. Even after the hearing that has been going on for a month and a half, no solution has been found. Counselor Rajani advised the son and daughter-in-law to take a separate house, but the husband does not want to leave his father. Father-in-law is also not ready to accept. Mother-in-law died several years ago.

When the counselor called the retired officer, he argued that if the son-daughter-in-law had a child, they would not take care of me. Will send me to old age home. The son is not married to childbirth. The first duty of son and daughter-in-law is to serve me. These people can produce children after I die. If the daughter-in-law wants a child, she can divorce my son and remarry.

In the first counseling, the husband said that the father does not want any children. If we did this, they would evict us from their property. However, during counseling, the daughter-in-law promised that she was ready to give an affidavit in the court that she would continue to serve her father-in-law even after having a child. In this regard, psychiatrist Dr. Rahul Sharma says that the feeling of insecurity has increased in the elderly. The behavior of such a person starts changing. Thinking starts changing. In this case, the son will have to decide for himself.

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