To avoid corona in winter, include these five food items rich in zinc

Health Tips: To avoid corona in winter, definitely include these five food items rich in zinc

Since the onset of the Corona epidemic, there has been a lot of discussion about ‘Zinc’. According to the study, this mineral (zinc) plays a very important role in boosting our immune system. Not only this, this nutrient also enhances our digestion system and metabolism. Believe it, zinc is an important nutrient that must be in our diet.

Must use zinc in daily diet

Adults should take 8 mg to 13 mg of zinc daily. If a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding it varies depending on gender. As soon as the winter season starts, make sure to include zinc in your daily diet to fight flu and other infections. Let us tell you about the five zinc-rich foods that you must include in your diet.


Peanut is a cheap and delicious source of zinc. It can easily be included in daily diet. The special thing is that everyone likes peanuts too. You can use it in your salad or you can use peanut butter on apple or bread. Peanut is an important source of zinc for those who eat vegetarian food.

Hummus (Chickpea Chutney)

Hummus also contains abundant amount of zinc. Hummus can be eaten with sandwiches or with chips. Hummus is full of antioxidants, fiber and many other nutrients.


The eggs contain a moderate amount of zinc. A large egg contains 5 percent of the daily requirement of zinc. A large egg contains 77 calories, 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of healthy fats and other minerals and nutrients.

Lentils, chickpeas

Beans such as lentils, chickpeas and beans have sufficient amounts of zinc. 100 grams of cooked lentils contain 12 percent of the daily requirement of zinc. But legumes contain phytates, which inhibit the absorption of zinc and other minerals.

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