To get rid of gas and constipation, while mixing flour add this

In today’s era, most people have the habit of sitting in one place. In which he is unable to take care of his health, due to which many types of diseases in his body make homes. In which the problem of stomach gas comes first. Also today most people are troubled by the problem of stomach gas which if not resolved at the right time can cause constipation. Which will gradually increase. So today we are going to tell you about one such thing which when mixed with flour while making roti will never cause gas and constipation problems.

What is it ?
The thing we are talking about is oats powder. You will easily find it in the market. The body gets many benefits by using it in bread.

How to use?
There is no difficulty in using it. Just add 200 grams of oats powder to one kilo of flour. Then make bread and eat it. It will be beneficial as well as it will taste very tasty.

Advantages of
Oats are high in fiber. Which makes bread even more nutritious by adding bread to the flour. The fiber in it corrects the digestive system. Which makes the digestion slowly correct. Which does not cause problems of gas and constipation.

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