To improve married life you must eat these things

If we talk about the latest figures, at this time the number of patients suffering from anxiety and stress in our society has almost doubled. We are saying this based on the information received from the doctors. Although we have not received any official data yet, but according to doctors who are treating psychiatrists in the national capital Delhi and NCR, after the relaxation of lockdown, the number of such patients has increased due to stress and anxiety. Can’t even enjoy married life properly…

Do you know why patients have increased?

1- You can better understand that due to Corona virus infection, the entire world economy has crumbled. There is also a large number of people in our country whose jobs have gone away or the business is running in deficit.

2- Due to this, people are facing economic crisis, while some are facing stress about future uncertainty. The effect of this anxiety and stress is visible on the mental, physical and personal health of a large number of people.

Food is better than medicines
1- It is far better than going to the hospital to suffer a disease and spend thousands of rupees in taking medicines at the medical store, you should follow a lifestyle that keeps you relaxed and you do not have to take medicines due to anxiety.

Impact on Personal Life – Due to stress and anxiety, the personal health of a large number of people has also been affected. Due to this, problems like anorexia, early ejaculations, erectile dysfunction are also troubling people.

– Changes in hormones due to stress and imbalance of hormones due to poor mood are also affecting bedroom life badly. Learn here how you can keep your sex life happy and healthy…

Keep the spirits in difficult times – There is no doubt that we are all going through a difficult phase financially, socially and emotionally. But this difficult time will also pass. We all need to have courage. Because we spend time crying and biting or laughing, we all have to face this difficult time. Because there is no alternative.

Include these things in lifestyle – Getting out of the house in the era of Corona epidemic is not empty of danger. We do not know when the corona virus gets caught by a slight lapse.

-But keeping yourself physically and mentally fit is also very important. Therefore, you must do yoga in your terrace, balcony or hall at home. You can also jump rope.

Add these four things in the diet- Raw onion and garlic: Raw onion and garlic are very good vegetables. Along with using them in your food, you should also eat raw onion and raw garlic. Both these vegetables help to increase your immunity and maintain hormonal balance.

Consuming almonds: – Peel the almonds soaked in water at night in the morning and consume them. After this, you can consume milk or tea, whatever you like to take.

-A dry fruit rich in almond properties. Which works to strengthen physically and mentally. If mental health remains right then you can live a happy life even after facing the toughest times. Along with this, almonds act to remove the decrease in sexual desire.

Eat avcado: – Avcado is a kind of superfood. This fruit works to maintain your cardiovascular health. It is also very effective in preventing the problem of erectile dysfunction. Fever, nutrients, vitamin B6 and potassium are found in very good quantity in this fruit.

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