Toothache will be fine in 1 minute, if there is a worm then it will come out, just do this work


Toothache is such a problem, that it makes it difficult for a person to get up when suffering, it is such a terrible pain that a person cannot even tell his pain to anyone, it can only understand what it is, The causes of toothache can be due to non-cleaning of teeth, worms in teeth or pyorrhea, so today we are going to tell you some ways that you can get rid of this problem.

1- Clove oil
Take one to two drops of clove oil, apply this oil on the toothache, clove contains uvinol, due to which the toothache gets rid of very quickly.

2- Asafoetida
Make a paste with a pinch of asafoetida powder, one teaspoon of lemon juice, then apply it on the sore tooth with the help of cotton, it gives quick relief from toothache, if a worm is present in the teeth, it will come out ा

3- Onion
Take a small piece of raw onion, then apply it directly on the sore tooth, let it sit for few minutes, repeat this process 2 times in a day, it ends toothache.

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