Troubled by constipation, try these five home remedies, get relief

These 5 home remedies are very effective in relieving constipation

Constipation is a problem that is said to be the root of many diseases. By paying attention to food, this problem can be reduced to a great extent.

Today we will tell you some home remedies that can prove to be very helpful in eliminating constipation.

Drink plenty of water
Drink plenty of water during the day to remove constipation. You can try drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach with 1 teaspoon of honey.

High-fiber food
Eat enough fiber. Lack of high fiber diet is a major cause of constipation. Eat fibrous food daily. Fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, wheat flour, peas, oatmeal can be consumed. Fruits like papaya, banana, orange, sweet lime, pear, berries, avocado have high water content, vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes which are helpful in preventing constipation.

Consume probiotics
Constipation is also caused by deteriorating the balance of stomach bacteria. Having probiotics will ensure the supply of good bacteria in the intestine, thereby restoring balance. Constipation will be weakened by eating probiotic rich foods like yogurt, kimchi.

When the physical activity is less, then it affects your stomach health. Get into the habit of exercising regularly. Brisk walking, jogging, free-hand exercise, squatting, cycling, swimming are good options.

Intake of natural substances
To remove stomach problems, take amla, aloe vera juice, raw turmeric, sesame, soaked chia seeds, flaxseeds, figs. Triphala churna or juice is also considered very good to relieve constipation.

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