Turmeric and gram flour scrub is beneficial for dry skin

Do you know that a new skin comes on our face every week and while exfoliating, the new skin can breathe easily. By continuously exfoliating the skin, you can get rid of many skin problems like blackheads, acne and white spots etc. soon. If you have dry skin, then this scrub prevents your face from getting dry quickly with refinement.

You must have heard that turmeric, milk and gram flour are very effective and by using them the skin does not become shiny nor freshness. That is why today we have this scrub made of turmeric, gram flour and milk is very beneficial for your dry skin. Come on

Know the method of making this domestic scrub

Method: Mix 2 spoons gram flour, half teaspoon turmeric and milk in a vessel and make a scrub by whipping it well. Apply this face scrub on the face and leave it for 20 minutes and after 20 minutes rub gently and wash it with water. Wash the face with water before applying this face scrub on the face.

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