Video: Another video of Yuzvendra Chahal’s fiance went viral, ‘Naagin Jais Waist Hila Par’ Dhanashree performed Dhansu dance

Dhanashree Verma Dancing Video viral on social media Yuzvendra  Chahal

Cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal’s fiancé and dancer Dhanashree Verma is often in the discussion about her dance video. She wins the hearts of her fans with her dance videos. Dhanashree Verma is in Dubai these days and is encouraging her fiancé and cricketer Yuzvendra. But her dance videos are becoming very fast on social media. A video of him is still on the internet. In this video, she is dancing to the song ‘Nagin Jaisi Qamar Hila’.

This video of Dhanashree Verma from the beginning of October which has been shared recently from her fanpage. This dance video has got more than 10 thousand views. Dhanashree Verma is dancing to the song of Tony Kakkar in this video. Both his expression and dance steps on the beat of the song are very good. Dhanashree Verma is dancing in pink top and black trousers.

Watch Dhanashree Verma’s dance here

Dhanashree’s dance video

Due to Dhanashree Varma’s dance, her fan following on social media is increasing very fast. Dhanashree’s Instagram profile is filled with her pictures and dancing videos. She often shares her dance videos. He has also recreated many music videos which people are very fond of.

Yuzvendra with in Dubai

Please tell that cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal recently engaged with Dr. Dhanashree Verma. He gave this information through social media. After the engagement, both Chahal and Dhanashri share photos and videos with each other on social media. Recently, Yuzvendra and Dhanashree shared a picture on social media. In this picture, both are posing in romantic style. This photo is from Dubai. Yoo Javendra shared the picture, “This is my perfect evening”.

Dhanashree Verma’s picture with Yuzvendra-


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