Weak Democracy Became The Issue For The First Time In The US Presidential Election, know what is the system in the US Constitution

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Democratic Party MP Bernie Sanders said of US President Donald Trump that Republican leaders are a threat to American democracy and his disregard for science has endangered the economy and the lives of Americans.

Sanders said this while addressing the opening session of the Democratic Party’s National Conference (DNC) in the month of August. Does his warning now appear to be true in the US presidential election?

Let me tell you that Sanders was one of the main candidates for the Democratic Party nomination in the 2016 presidential election. But he lost the nomination election to Hillary Clinton. After which Clinton contested against Trump.

Now that presidential elections are not far away, weak democracy has become an issue for the first time in America. President Trump has spoken of rigging the election, after which Americans feel that they are crushing democratic values.
No waiting for counting!

Due to Corona epidemic, a large number of voters are going to vote this time. Trump once again raised the issue of potential electoral fraud at the town hall event. His attention was then drawn to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) director Chrysofter A. Vray’s statement that there were no signs of widespread electoral fraud. To this Trump said- “It means that he (FBI Director) is not doing his job properly.”

This time the presidential election is surrounded by skepticism due to Donald Trump’s similar attitude. One doubt is that Trump can declare himself the winner without waiting for the entire counting of votes.

Gaz on obamacare
Trump, during his 2016 election campaign, promised to completely cancel the important 2010 Obamacare in the health sector. He took a major step to fulfill his election promise. He made an easy way to weaken Obamacare by signing an administrative order as soon as he assumed power. Now they want to replace Obama care passed by parliament with executive order in difficult circumstances like Kovid-19 epidemic.

Question on Corona Report
Not only this, Trump is also accused of holding meetings and rallies without getting a negative report of Corona virus. Apart from this, Trump has also been accused of tax evasion of Rs 150 crore and investigations are going on against him.

Donald Trump is now facing opposition in his own Republican Party because of his irresponsible attitude. Opponents of Trump in the party are now saying that the framers of the American Constitution would not have even imagined such a weak democracy.

US Constitution Basis
According to experts, the US Constitution was designed to achieve two goals. However, he also saw two hurdles towards ensuring the achievement of these goals.

Creating a federal structure that protects America’s borders. All states of America should get equal opportunities for progress. To achieve this, it was decided to implement a currency.

All states should get autonomy. By which people live and enjoy life according to their culture. To achieve this goal, states were given the freedom to enact civil and criminal laws. In this way, the state governments are very powerful in the federal structure of America.

The makers of the American Constitution feared that the dictatorship of kings would not enter the US like European countries. Government in America should not be formed for the fulfillment of personal interests. And the public should not be exploited for personal gain.

Democracy should not turn into a mob system. In the opinion of the Constitution makers, most people do not think beyond their home, family and job. In such a situation, any one can gain control of the country by deceiving the people. Hence, he was also afraid of dictatorship and total democracy.

These measures taken to balance power
In 1787, the framers of the US Constitution replaced the Separation of Power (separatism of power) and the checks and balances (control and balance) in the constitution to avoid situations like congestion and dictatorship. Government power was distributed instead of being directly elected by the public. Therefore, the President is elected by the electorate college of the public instead of being directly elected by the public.

President is not omnipotent
The President is the Commander in Chief of the US military power. But that does not make him omnipotent. It has to get the approval of the US Senate to attack any country and make a treaty. If the Supreme Court does not find the law made by the US Parliament to be justified, then it can repeal it. It is a system of balance of control and power between the legislature and the judiciary. Citizens’ rights were secured in 1791 through the Bill of Rights. The powers which are not mentioned in the constitution are given to the state governments or citizens.

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