What is the GDP of America, China and India? Know the answer

1. What are the GDP of America, China and India?

Answer: According to World Bank 2019, America 21.42 trillion, China 14.34 trillion, India 2.8 trillion.

2. Where red blood cells are formed?

Answer: bone marrow

3. The number of RBCs in the blood is determined by which device?

Answer: Snow Mites

4. By which name is the Brahmaputra river known in Tibet?

Answer: Sangpo

5. Which tribe celebrates the festival of mourning on Diwali?

Answer: Tharu

6. Which gas is filled in air tires?
Answer: Hillium Gas

7. Why are the voices of children and women thin?

Answer: Due to high polarity

8. The Gulabi Revolution is related to which field?

Answer: Shrimp Fish Production

9. Who is the first musician to be awarded the Bharat Ratna?

Answer: Pandit Ravi Shankar

10. 127, 153, 192, 244, ….?

Answer: You answer this.

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