What is the harm to health by eating eggs twice a day? Know this important information

Egg consumption linked to higher risk of heart disease and death: Study

The choice of healthy and quality food is very important to lead a healthy life. If eggs are talked about, then there is no doubt in its suitability. But do you know that its use can also harm health?

Debate on how many eggs to eat daily

A new research has revealed that the use of more eggs can increase the risk of heart disease. In America, more than 30 thousand volunteers got the opportunity to use more than one egg in a daily dose compared to the common people. As a result, it was revealed that the risk of heart disease in those people is higher than the common people.

Researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois reported, “We need to reduce the amount of cholesterol found in eggs, processed food, or red meat.” The accumulation of that cholesterol is very harmful for our health. ” Research published in the journal Jama Nami said that the risk of heart disease increases by 6 percent among people who use 3 to 4 eggs a week. While the death of such people is seen on average 8 percent more. Although daily use of 300 mg of fiber in the diet is also a reason for increase in heart disease and death.

Commenting on the research, Doctor Norina Allen of Northwestern University said that it is necessary to control bad cholesterol in order to lead a healthy life. Cholesterol is believed to be found in egg yolk. Victoria Taylor, senior nutritionist at the British Heart Foundation, believes more research is still needed to find out the link between eggs and cholesterol.

Consumption of 3-4 eggs in a week is appropriate

He told that using healthy food alone is not enough. It is also very important to balance it. If one food is used more then there will be no possibility for other food in our diet. Significantly, people living in America need an average of 600 milligrams of cholesterol per day. Whereas in the UK people use up to 225 mg cholesterol. Researchers say that 3-4 eggs a week is appropriate. These numbers are part of the guidelines of recent UK diet.

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