What is the right time to drink milk, morning or night? very surprising information

There is a lot of debate on what is the right time to drink milk. If it is consumed during the day, it will give us energy throughout the day. If it is drunk at night, it will calm the mind and remove sleepiness. Drinking milk at night has been given priority in Ayurveda.

Effect of drinking milk at different times

Morning: Drinking milk in the morning is not advisable as it is heavy to digest. Drinking milk at this time of midday gives strength to the elderly. Drinking milk during the evening has a good effect on the eyes. Drinking milk at night is considered to be the best because it reduces body fatigue and leads to good sleep.
What are the benefits of drinking milk at night

Drinking milk at night makes sleep good because milk contains the amino acid tryptopen which helps to increase the level of sleep hormones. Milk contains calcium which makes bones strong. And at the same time, because of reducing the running part in the evening, the calcium of milk is easily absorbed into the bones. It contains protein which is beneficial for the development of muscles.
Keep these things in mind while drinking milk

ये भी पढ़ें :-

इन 2 राशियों के लिए लाल धागा बांधना अभिशाप है, क्या आप भी है उनमें से एक

Those who have weak digestion, some kind of skin condition, phlegm, stomach worms and stomach upset all the time, they should avoid milk. Milk should never be drunk with food as it does not digest quickly. It should always be heated and drunk separately. Milk can be bad for health if it is not eaten cold, excessively and with the right foods. Those who have lactose intolerance should not drink milk. Drinking milk at night also increases obesity.

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