What is the value of 100 rupees in China? Know the correct answer

1. How much yuan in China will cost 100 rupees?

Answer: 9.12 Chinese Yuan.

2. By which constitutional amendment the age of the voter was 18 years?

Answer: 61st Constitution Amendment

3. Where is Jawaharlal Nehru Port located?

Answer: Mumbai

4. Which place is called Shiraz of India?

Answer: Jaunpur

5. What is the name of two planets that do not have satellites?

Answer: Mercury and Venus

6. Who was the king of Jammu Kashmir at the time of independence?

Answer: Hari Singh

7. Where is the oldest human being on earth?
Answer: Africa

8. How many elements have been discovered in present time?

Answer: 118 elements

9. Which gas is used to cool the water in the refrigerator?

Answer: Ammonia

10. 180, 198, 216, 234, ….?

answer : ?? What will be the answer?

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