When did Mahatma Gandhi’s photo first printed on currency? Know the correct answer

1. When did Mahatma Gandhi’s photo appear on the note?
Answer: The Reserve Bank introduced the 100-rupee note as a commemorative, commemorating Gandhiji’s photograph in 1969 for the first time.

2. Which transformer is installed in the spilizer?

Answer: Auto Transformer

3. Who gave the principle of scientific socialism?

Answer: Engels and Karl Marx

4.Ashoka adopted Buddhism by being influenced by which Buddhist saint?

Answer: Upgupta

5. Ministry of Tourism launched which portal to assist foreign tourists stranded in different parts of India?

Answer: Stranded in India

6. Jammu Municipal Corporation has passed a resolution to name Jammu University after which Maharaja?

Answer: Maharaja Gulab Singh

7. ‘Zero Discrimination Day’ was observed all over the world on which day?

Answer: 01 March

8. Which metal is most used in the manufacture of air travel?

Answer: Palladium

9. Which year was the first Nobel Prize given?

Answer: In 1901

10 .8, 12, 18, 27, …….?

answer : ?? What would be the correct answer.

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