Which is the most populous state in India? Know the correct answer

1. Who is the most populous state?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh

2. Study of cancer related diseases is called?

Answer: Organology

3. The Constitution amendment under which GST was passed in India?

Answer: 122

4. Statue of Statue of Unity was made by which company?

Answer: L&T (Larsen & Toubro)

5. What is the name of the planet called ‘Earth’s twin sister’?

Answer: Venus

6. What distance does the earth travel around per minute?
Answer: 49 km

7. Which star is closest to the earth?

Answer: Sun

8. Which state of India has implemented the first National Bio Fuel Policy?

Answer: Rajasthan

9.Which is the highest institution for rural finance?

Answer: NABARD

10. Which state is the first state to give agriculture the status of an industry?

Answer: Maharashtra

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