Why do doctors recommend goat milk for dengue, know what are its benefits!

One of the diseases that occurs during and after the rainy days is dengue. This is such a disease, if treatment is not started on time, it can also take a heavy toll on life. It has been observed that goat milk becomes very expensive whenever the effect of dengue increases. Actually it is said that goat milk is beneficial in dengue and it helps a lot in eliminating dengue. In such a situation, we know what happens in goat milk, due to which it helps in the prevention of dengue…

First of all, let us tell you that the number of platelets in the body decreases significantly with dengue fever, which takes a long time to recover from dengue. However, during this time goat milk increases platelets and works wonders. When platelets are low, many times the platelets are also offered to the patients, in this case, goat milk helps in increasing the platelets.

Goat milk is found to be low in vitamin B6, B12, C and D. It contains an essential vitamin called folic acid due to the high amount of folate binding ingredient. The protein present in goat milk is not as complex as that of cow, buffalo. This is why it is not very difficult to digest and it is easily digested. In addition, it also works to increase the number of blood cells.

At the same time, research done on goat milk has revealed that this milk contains a special type of protein. This is the protein that increases the number of platelets in a dengue patient. In Chikungunya, this protein also works.

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