Why does a baby kick in the stomach during pregnancy? Know 6 reasons for this

गर्भावस्था में बच्चा पेट में लात क्यों मारता है ? जानिए इसके 6 कारण

Pregnancy is a very good and happy time in the life of women. But women have to face many problems during pregnancy. And each moment has to be felt. You must have heard many times from pregnant women that the baby gets kicked in the stomach. But have you ever wondered why this happens? Let us know about this. Why does a baby kick in the stomach during pregnancy? Know 6 reasons for this.
Causes of baby’s feet in pregnancy
1. If the baby is kicked in the stomach during pregnancy, it is a sign that the child is absolutely healthy. A child in the womb does some action only when it is healthy.
2. When the baby growing in the womb starts feeling the change outside, he kicks in the stomach in response.

3. When a pregnant woman falls asleep on her left side, the baby kick in the stomach kills the most. Because by sleeping on the left side, the blood supply to Bhrun becomes more. And this increases the agility of the child.
4. When the pregnant woman eats food, the child kicks in the stomach more. Because by eating food, the child gets energy and nutrients. And the child starts to stir.

5. When the baby in the womb turns 9 weeks, it starts kicking. And the second time the baby in the womb of pregnant women starts kicking after 13 weeks.
6. If the unborn child is not kicking, then the child is not getting enough oxygen.

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