Why does women in pregnancy feel more thirsty and frequent urination, know how to cure it!

Often women face a lot of problems in pregnancy. For example, the desire to urinate frequently is the most common symptom of pregnancy. These symptoms usually occur one week after conception.

Why do you urinate frequently ……

This is actually due to fertilization of the egg during conception when the egg and sperm meet. In this case, the egg transplants itself to the uterine wall, releasing a pregnancy hormone called hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). This hormone increases the blood flow in the body and pelvic area. Increased blood flow to the pelvic region makes the bladder more active and there is a desire to pass urine frequently.

To deal with the problem of frequent urination….

# The number of times you urinate, urinate, because your bladder may not be completely empty when urine is stopped, which makes it more likely for urinary tract infections or UTIs.

# Urine properly every time you pee and empty the bladder completely. You can consult your doctor about how to urinate to completely empty the bladder.

# Avoid drinking too much water before sleeping at night. This will make it easier for you to avoid frequent bowel movements at night. But this does not mean that you do not take suitable water and other liquids to stay hydrated. It is also very important for you to keep yourself hydrated.

# Urinary leakage may also occur in pregnant women. The clothes can be protected from getting wet with the help of panty liners. In addition, exercising kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic area muscles, and prevent urinary incontinence.

Why do you feel more thirsty….

There is also more thirst due to excess urination. These symptoms can last you throughout your pregnancy. However, you can take the following measures to deal with them. –

To deal with the problem of excessive thirst….

More thirst is a sign of the body that you need more fluids. Because you are urinating more often and your kidneys are producing urine more efficiently, you need to drink more fluids to make up for the lack of fluid. During pregnancy, the blood volume increases up to 40 percent. In this case the amniotic sac requires more liquid.

So drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water a day. Vegetable juice is a healthy option, and is more nutritious than fruit juice. Avoid taking caffeine, as it is a diuretic. Eat more liquid fruits, such as watermelon, melon.

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