Why is wet and peeled almonds better than raw almonds? Know the opinion of Nutritionist

Why soaked and peeled almonds are better than the raw ones, what does nutritionist say about it

Almonds are consumed on a large scale due to the amazing health benefits. A handful of almonds in your dessert or salad can enhance the taste and provide many nutrients such as vitamin E, healthy fats, zinc, iron, potassium. But to get the benefit of all the nutritional nutrients you need to do one thing. According to nutritionist Pooja Makhija, soak almonds in the night.

Why soaking almonds is important
We have been told that there are many reasons behind soaking and peeling of almonds. Not only from the health point of view, but soaked almonds are better than raw roasted almonds. You should know some reasons why almonds must be peeled and soaked and eaten.

Peel makes digestion difficult
According to Makhija, the tough and strong texture of almonds makes your body difficult to digest. Soaking at night makes his skin soft, which makes the body easier to digest. Another view is that soaking can help break down the fiber, which can keep you full for longer.

Soaking would result in an anti-nutrient level
Another truth about almonds is that its peel contains anti-nutrients, which can impair the absorption of certain nutrients such as calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium. Research suggests that soaking grains and legumes may reduce anti-nutrient levels, but there is not much evidence for almonds and nuts. According to a research, soaking almonds at room temperature for 24 hours can help reduce phytic acid levels below 5 percent.

How to soak almonds
Soaking almonds is absolutely easy. Put 4-5 almond seeds in half a cup of water. Leave it overnight, take out water in the morning, remove the peel and consume it. You can also include it in your salad.

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