Why rock salt is eaten during fasting, know the important thing related to it

Navratri 2020: Why rock salt is eaten during fasting, know the important thing related to it

Many devotees of Maa Durga have fasted on the festival of Navratri. Many things are not consumed during fasting. During this time, rock salt is used in food instead of ordinary salt. But do you know that using rock salt in food is much better than ordinary salt and it also benefits health a lot. Apart from fasting days, you can use rock salt during normal days.

Rock salt does not contain any chemical

The pure form of salt, rock salt is called. It is called this because it does not have to go through a chemical process before being used in food. That is, there is no chemical in rock salt. Whereas to purify ordinary salt or table salt (black salt) one has to go through anti-cocking agent and many other chemical processes. Many types of additives are added while purifying ordinary salt, due to which its natural form changes completely and the calcium, potassium and mineral present in it are also reduced. In this situation, rock salt is more nutritious than ordinary salt.

Why is rock salt eaten during fasting

Rock salt is also used in the fast because it is pure. At the same time, the body needs more nutrients during fasting, in such a way, rock salt plays an important role to fulfill the nutritional needs of the body. Not only this, blood pressure is also controlled by the use of rock salt. Rock salt effect is considered cool. It is also very good for the eyes. Actually, the amount of iodine in rock salt is low, so consuming it relieves the problem of high blood pressure and swelling of the eyes.

Makes digestion stronger

Rock salt contains many other mineral elements including iron, zinc magnesium. There is also a lot of sodium and potassium in it, due to which the electrolyte balance of the body remains. Rock salt also improves the digestion and makes the immune system stronger. Along with this, eating rock salt helps the body in absorbing essential nutrients and mineral. Energy is consumed throughout the day even during the fast only after consuming rock salt.

Rock salt controls weight

Rock salt has another quality and that is that it causes weight loss. Actually, it helps in removing fat cells from the body and also controls the craving for food. Rock salt is also maintained at the pH level of the body. By adding rock salt in your diet, blood circulation in the body is also correct and it also helps to remove bad toxin from the body. It also helps in maintaining the balance of serotonin and melatonin hormones in the body, which also relieves stress and stress.

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