With this amazing feature on WhatsApp you can find anyone easily with this trick…

There are many features coming in WhatsApp for the features of users. There is also a feature in this app with the help of which you can send your location to anyone. You can track anyone as well. It is not an easy task to explain the right address to anyone. In such a situation, you can send your eject location on WhatsApp and call it to you. Now the question is how to send a location, so today we are telling you the answer. Let us know how to send a location on WhatsApp.

If you are sending your current location to someone, it will be your location where you currently exist, but if you send a live location, it will be your location where you are and this location changes as you move. Will remain. Meaning the live location is not fixed while the current location is the fixed location.

Learn how to send your location on WhatsApp
1. Open your WhatsApp first.
2. Now go to the Chat option.

3. Now select the name of whomever you want to send your location to and open your chat from it.
4. Here at the bottom of the WhatsApp Chat, you will see an attachment icon like a paper clip, click on it.
5. Now select the Location option here.
6. Here you will see two options Send Your Current Location and Share Live Location, you can send any option according to your choice.
7. After doing this, click on Send after selecting the location.

Location without sending internet
Many times we get stuck in a place where internet connectivity is not available. In such a situation, we do not get to share our location with our friends or family. However, there are many ways in which you do not need internet connectivity to share location. Let’s know how you can share your location to another person without internet.

Adopt this trick
If there is no internet connectivity on the smartphone, the user must first open the Google Map app in his phone. After this, the user has to know his location on Google Maps. For this, they can take the name of the colony, the block and the landmark around it. Suppose as the user is in Mukherjee Nagar of Delhi then he can search the street number or block on Google Maps.

After this, you can reach a landmark nearby, which is being shown on Google Maps. After this, touch and place it at that place for some time. After doing this, a red dot will come at that location. After doing this, three options will appear on the bottom of the phone screen. First Direction, Second Share and Third Save.

Send location by SMS
RCS service is available for sending location from SMS. For this, RCS i.e. Rich Communication Services has been introduced. Under this, you can send a location like multimedia content sharing to another user via SMS. With this, you can also send your location without internet connection.

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