You will be surprised to know these truths related to the periods!

Periodic truths – Periods are the most important phase of a woman’s life that every woman has to go through. This happens to every woman in the world. But hardly anyone will know about the essential truth about it.

Do you really not know about these important truths… no one knows today. Today we tell you about the 10 important things related to it, knowing that you will wonder if it really happens?

Truths related to period

Body fat is necessary for the period
Body fat (fat) is necessary for monthly religion. If the fat present in your body is reduced by 8-12 percent, then the chances of your period suddenly stopping will increase. Fat cells present in women are related to estrogen levels, so it is necessary for both reproduction and menstruation.

Period due to deficiency of iron
There may also be a deficiency of iron in your body due to period. If the flow is high then you have this problem, due to which weight you feel tired.


There is a period of 10 years
You might be surprised to know, but it is true that a woman spends an average of 10 years of her life on menstruation.

Such symptoms are seen
When you are about to have a period, your body starts showing symptoms like pregnancy. Irritability, flatulence, pimples, body fluids, etc. all of these things happen during pregnancy, so don’t worry if you feel them during your period, it is natural.


No scientific proof of synchronized period
We always talk that our period comes in harmony with the women around us, but it is not so. The synchronized period is not yet scientifically certified.

Effect of period in cold
In the cold months, the effects of period increase further and become more annoying. Such as increased pain, increased blood flow, and even the duration of the period ie days are increased as compared to heat.


That’s why thick blood comes out
Not only does your blood flow during menstruation, your uterine lining also comes out with blood. Only then is it thicker than just blood.

There is a possibility of changing the voice
There is also a possibility of change in your voice from the period. According to research published in Ethology, men can tell who is in their menstrual days only by listening to the recorded voice of women. Yes, your voice falls apart during the period.


Male skills cognitive skills
During the period, there is an expansion of male cognitive skills in you. As you have lower estrogen levels during the period, you are likely to think like a male during that period.

Blood comes out as two tablespoons
The amount of blood secreted from your body during menstruation can range from two tablespoons to half a cup. According to your flow, so much blood is released from your body every month.


These are the facts related to period – so how did you find this period fact? You are also surprised. We will bring more such amazing things for you next time.

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